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, as president obama prepares to lay out his case over what the u.s.' role should be in the conflict. last words, lawrence o'donnell, will join me. >>> horrifying scandal. the military in damage control mode as more photos released showing u.s. soldiers gloating over bodies in afghanistan. >>> a u.s. billionaire, heir to one of the largest fortunes, fighting accusation his abused his own stepdaughter. >>> from the white house to facebook? what does it mean to team obama if robert gibbs goes to work for the social networking site? >>> i'm contessa brewer, in for tamron hall today. "news nation" floeollowing a dramatic advance in libya as president obama prepares to address the nation tonight. expected to explain the purpose of the mission and the exit strategy. the president 'dress is set for 7:30 p.m. eastern time. meantime in libya, rebels are advancing towards gadhafi's hometown of sirte, just 225 miles from the capital of trop tripoli. air strikes happelps rebels cape key cities and advance several hundred miles virtually unchecked in a couple of days. nbc's chief foreign correspondent rich a
in the opening minutes of the day as the u.s. stock market reacts to the nuclear crisis. >>> i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following the latest on the nuclear emergency in japan where it is 3:00 a.m. local time. threat level is now being called a six out of seven by the french authority of nuclear safety. a watchdog group that monitors radiation safety. chernobyl, for some perspective here, was six out of serve. three mile island was rated a five. latest explosion in unit two of the fukushima plant may be the worst yet. international atomic energy agency says there's evidence it breached the primary containment shell. that means more radiation could be leaking from that unit. the iaea says radiation levels at site have been decreasing. people living within 20 kilometers of the plant have been evacuated and are lining up to be scanned for radiation. a no-fly zone has been established around the crippled nuclear plant for 30 kilometers. global economic fears, the stock market plummeted today because of the nuclear concerns and right now the dow, let's take a look at it, is down 178 poi
's very important to understand what general madis said today. what he said, that is if the u.s. decided to enforce a no-fly zone it would, first, involve u.s. military air strikes against targets inside libya. you'd have to bomb the runways. you might take out their aircraft or certainly their air defense systems, missiles, radar, and the like. so it would involve a u.s. military attack on libya itself. and if the white house makes that decision, of course, the u.s. military would carry it out. but i can tell you that there's a lot of hesitation, not only here in the building and among the u.s. military to take that kind of aggressive step, but even among the nato allies who would be essential if the u.s. and nato allies were to launch any kind of operation like this, and so far only the british are doing any kind of saber rattling in that regard. and the rest of nato nations, allies, are pretty much silent whether to launch any military operation against libya. >> give is insight on the three military war ships in the suez canal. what is their role, at this point? >> reporter: their ro
that will include a discussion of when the u.s. will hand over its lead role. french military officials say french pilot fired a missile at a libyan plane that just landed at a base in the coastal city of misrata. french jets, including some from the aircraft carrier charles de gaulle, seen here off libya, struck a libyan base 150 miles south of the coast. attacks in tripoli targeted a libyan military base depot. libyan state tv broadcast these images of the damage. and the african-american union has invited representatives from gadhafi's government and opposition representatives to talk in ethiopia's capital tomorrow. so far new york response from either side in libya. >>> we begin coverage with nbc news pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski. mik, what can you tell us about the incident involving that french fighter jet? >> reporter: u.s. military officials can't tell us very much. earlier today, members of that coalition on the american side said they had no evidence that there was a plane in the air or of any poe sentential shoot-dow. as we find out from the french, one of their war fighting
. the u.s. military is sending a nine-member team to japan, as early as today, to help evacuate -- to evaluate the nuclear situation. it's not clear if they will go to the plant that's been damaged. president obama is due to make a statement at 3:30 eastern time. joining me now is a physicist who has worked on nuclear reactor accident simulations. thank you for joining us. >> nice to be here. >> let's talk about this breaking news at this power cable may be down very soon and this could finally provide some power to unit number three. one of those -- unit number two, excuse me. one of those units affected in this crisis. >> i think that's an extremely good news. if a.c. power had been restored within, you know, a day, we wouldn't have had any of the problems we're dealing with right now. it's too bad it's taken six days, going on seven, to get power there. but restoration of a.c. power will make a huge difference, especially at the three nuclear reactors. >> one of your concerns is that we're seeing trouble with three reactors and them having the problem at the same time there.
a crew member of the u.s. fighter that crashed in libya. defense secretary gates testified at a congressional hearing. gates said he does not think the u.s. should arm those rebels. >> in terms of providing that training, in terms of providing assistance to them, frankly there are many countries that can do that. that's not a unique capability for the united states. and as far as i'm concerned, somebody else should do that. >> libya's foreign minister has defected to britain. musa kusa one of gadhafi's closest aides. he is suspects of masterminding the bombing of pan am flight 103 that killed 270 people. nbc news pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joins me now. nato officially took control of the entire military mission in libya but the headline is about the cia operatives on the ground and what they are doing there. what can you tell juice u.s. military and intelligence officials say if they didn't, if the obama administration did not have cia operatives on the ground, this operation was not well thought out and would be in trouble. this is pretty much preforma in thi
in libya. president obama will be arriving here in new york for an event at u.s. mission to the united nations. his visit comes less than 24 hours after addressing the nation about the u.s. involvement in libya. the president reiterating the u.s. mission in libya is humanitarian and not an attempt to force a regime change. >> if we tried to overthrow gadhafi by force, our coalition would splinter. we would likely have to put u.s. troops on the ground to accomplish that mission. or risk killing many civilians from the air. to be blunt, we went down that road in iraq. but regime change there took eight years, thousands of american and iraqi lives, and nearly $1 trillion. that is not something we can afford to repeat in libya. >> msnbc's richard wolffe joins us live from the white house. as i mentioned, richard, the president should be landing at jfk in four minutes. interesting observations. this was a surprisingly partisan reaction to a foreign policy speech last night. >> reporter: yes, it is partisan. and that may not be surprising, even to the white house. remember, the president, on
in japan isรง "out o control." meantime, u.s. forces operating in that country are being moved even further away from the power plant for safety. a live report from tokyo straight ahead. plus police and protesters face off in pakistan just hours after reports that the u.s. paid more than $2 million for the release of a cia contractor accused of murder. new comments on the situation from the secretary of state. >>> and he reached out online to people he never met in person convincing them to kill themselves. now a judge says the minnesota man in this picture must go to jail. >> it's not fair. it's not fair. >>> a push to rally in michigan. protesters still at odds with the state's governor over the budget join forces at the state capital. the latest in the on going standoff between public union workers in this country and some republican lawmakers. >>> i'm tamron hall. "news nation" is following new details on the nuclear crisis in japan. the secretary-general of the international atomic energy association says he's headed to japan as soon as possible as workers at the fukushima plant strugg
in a u.s.-friendly area, luckily for two pilots who successfully parachuted from that plane after it crashed. it was completely destroyed. two pilots landing in a field and were picked up by local rebels forces and were brought to a safe place where they are now in u.s. hands. ajdabiya is a town that we're talking more and more about, it's becoming the battlefield for the future of the country. it remains in gadhafi hands. the rebels are on the outskirts of that town in the east. they have tried on a number of occasions to penetrate the town. they've been pushed back each time by pro-gadhafi forces. rebels have pleaded for more air strikes to do the job. there have been a number of coalition strikes but not enough so far to seriously degrade the pro-gadhafi forces. on misrata, another town active today, like yesterday, and the day before, held by rebels still. the pro-gadhafi forces went in with tanks, artillery, snipers, nine more killed there. the no-fly zone active in the east has yet to become as active in places in the west like over misrata. gadhafi and his forces are trying
] >> sirens of warning blaring in hawaii up and down west coast, communities evacuated for possibly hitting u.s. shores. >>> parts of california feeling the effect. boats on the coast are tossed around like toy. >>> hi, everybody, good to have you with me today. i'm thomas roberts. "news nation" following devastation from japan's 8.9 magnitude earthquake. right now, it's 4:00 in the morn in japan and people are trying to flee the hardest hit areas. the quake struck 80 miles off the northeast coast and felt all wait to beijing, china. as you can see, it sent people running into the streets in a frenzy, dodging debris falling from buildings. 4 million buildings without power in tokyo. but the quake wasn't the worst part. shortly after a violent tunisia crashed into the northeast coast, killing hundreds of people. waves washing away cars, roads, homes. aftershocks lasting for hours, causing explosions and fires. me y miyagi is burning out of control. the toourn htunisia hit hawaii around 9:00 eastern time. the waves made their way to the mainland's west coast before 11:00. these pictures from sant
rights of u.s. citizens and, at sat time time, stop the flow of drugs northbound, moneys and guns southbound. i would insist upon the legal restrictions that exist in mexico, as in other countries, respect to the intervention and the bearing of arms by u.s. agents. but in this subject, i'll have to speak to members of congress, particularly the senate to explore differential turntives. i think we have to look at all alternatives that are enabled to us by the constitution and the law, mechanisms of protection, special mechanisms of protection, clear limitation of the areas where we can collaborate, for instance. the criminals themselves, they tell us that they didn't know that they were attacking u.s. agents in their attack. so it's not that that's what they wanted to do, but i think, at any rate, this is still a very important sign that -- warning sign to all of us where we have to be indicating that we have to be very careful about how we care for all of our agents, not just mexican, american, all agents. we have to have a specific policy that's much more daring in this sense. an
country with u.s. military power. you know, that was inappropriate. the president if he -- the commander in chief decided to go to war should have personally gone to the person american people and stayed to defend his policy. the fact it was inconsistent with travel plans strikes me as diminishing the importance of what we've done here. secretary gates, headed to russia. for god's sake, if we're going to conduct military operations in the arab world these people should be here in the national command center doing their job. that is an inappropriate policy answer. now you've got political kickback out of congress wanting to know who's going to explain to them what's happening. that should not be general carter hamm on a television interview explain what we're doing in the middle east. >> that's who we saw in the last few hours the face of the explanation, giving us some answers to the questions. chris, general mccaffrey, kerj ja colonel jacobs. we'll have more news. >>> time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. brendan and john were beach volleyball player whose turns their p
shortage here in the u.s. as well as, is it going to have a lasting economic harm to various vectors of the economy. those would be the main two reasons. >> and what, when you factor in right now we're in the spring season, close to spring, where people will perhaps take holiday breaks for spring break with their children and then soon summer will be upon us, and eknow the rule at summer, gas prices go up with the change of the weather. >> well, the gas prices go up from the winter to the summer because we have to change the formulation. >> the blend. >> and it's more expensive in the summertime. the good news is, is that gasoline stocks are adequate, and if we look at the whole world supply and demand, crude oil demand goes down during the second quarter. so there will be a little bit of a respite from the tenseness of the overall supply/demand situation. >> i'm the type of person, i've tried to look at best-case scenario but in this case you want to look at worst-case scenario. is it possible we will see gas prices beyond an average of $4 a gallon on average in this country by the
also receive a classified briefing on the u.s. involvement in libya given by secretary of state hillary clinton, bill gates and director of national intelligence james clapper. president obama made his latest comments on libya a couple of hours ago during a speech in washington outlining a new energy plan. >> we've led an international effort in libya to prevent a massacre and maintain stability throughout the broader region. >> nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us live now. what else can you tell us about this meeting? i understand there may be back-to-back closed-door sessions here? >> we'll have the senate getting their chance talk to the top leaders and have the private conversations. one of the things that's just come out is the republican chairman confident house select committee on intelligence, mike rogers of michigan is saying he is opposed to the idea of the u.s. arming rebels in libya. that's one of the kinds of scenarios being talked about. some have said that is a good way to try to assist them to do the sort of groundwork that the president says u.s
. officials says the u.s. launched 15 more tomahawk missiles in the last 24 hours this around tripoli. there were also new coalition air strikes against gadhafi's artillery and tank positions, including those vowing to overtake the key rebel-held city of ajdabiya in eastern libya. u.s. officials tell nbc news the u.s. could hand over the lead role to nato as soon as tomorrow. it appears for now u.s. warplanes will lead the difficult mission of attacking gadhafi's ground forces that could threaten libyan civilians. mike viqueira joins us live from the white house. we just learned president obama should be holding a conference call with members of congress. what are you hearing? >> reporter: that's right. jay carney appeared in the briefing room 12 minutes and informed us the president conducted a national security council meeting on the situation in libya this morning, and starting right about now, 2:00, it was scheduled to begin. the president will be calling congressional leaders, a conference call, where he will, quote, consult with them on the situation in libya. and of course, the
more radiation will be released. the u.s. military moves some of its fleet further from japan's shore after some of the uss ronald reagan carrier group were exposed to a cloud of low-level radiation, this as authorities try to cope with the disaster. officials say another 1,000 bodies washed up today along japan's earthquake and tsunami ravaged northeast coast. so far 2,800 people confirmed dead. but as you well know by now, the final death toll is expected to increase to as many as possibly 10,000 the people. chris jansing joins us live from tokyo regarding the nuclear crisis. at the top of the hour i pointed out a japanese official is saying we are likely seeing melting at the plant that's been so much focused on. >> reporter: what we've had is for a second time a fuel rod explode at the plant that you talked about. they had done a last-ditch effort a hail mary pass if you will, by putting some sea water in there. it clearly has not worked, and that's raised concerns about a nuclear meltdown. concerns throughout the country about whether the whole story is coming out. this is one pa
the scenes why the president decided to come back early. there have been calls for him to return to the u.s. >> first and foremost, there's a great deal of controversy, criticism coming not only from republicans some of whom who backed the imposition of a no-fly zone and said the president had been dragging his feet to military exercises with france flying the first missions last saturday. and those on the left who say that the president has not gone through the proper channels in congress, they have -- the president has not come to congress for any sort of resolution. backers of the president said listen, there have been hundreds of u.s. assaults and attacks of this nature without any formal declaration of war even without a resolution in congress that there's that back and forth. the president was to visit some mayan ruins in el salvador, along with his family, that has been canceled now. obviously a concern brn appearances there. the president expected back in washington between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. eastern time. you know he'll be dealing immediately with this crisis. he gave a broadcast i
questions, what role will the u.s. play? what kind of assets will be in place? when will it all start? a cease-fire that gadhafi has announced but is not observing. what role will that play? there is criticism from leading members of congress, dick lugar, a leading voice on the republican side of the senate on foreign relations says we can't go through this unless there's a declaration of war. >> chris matthews, the headlines, war with libya looms, a third war. you have american people who will watch your show this afternoon, coming home from work and they will ask what is going on? what are we planning in libya? >> well, we're going into libya the same way we went into korea. with the u.n. declaration, we're going in to stop the takeover of benghazi, the same way we were in korea, stopping the takeover of pusan at the tip of the korean peninsula. same situation. we're going in to prevent power in this case, gadhafi, from taking over the entire country that was rebelling against him. it's an act of war if we go in there against him. it's clearly an intervention in his sovereignty. he'
department had declared that they would try khalid shaikh mohammed against the u.s. in new york city, there was such a hugh and cry in protest they had to back off from that. ultimately when president obama decided they would try to move detainees from guantanamo bay to a little used prison in illinois, congress balked and refused to provide money for it. punt is what the white house had to do, and as you said, they had to fall back pretty much on the original bush policy to the point that even president obama now acknowledges that many of those detainees now being held at guantanamo bay may never be charged and, in fact, may never face trial. >> mik, thank you very much. >>> back to the president's visit in boston. mr. obama set to land there and will head to a high-tech public school that opened in 2002 with the money from bill and melinda gates foundation. the president is scheduled to speak at that school in over an hour from now. let's go to nbc news chief education correspondent rehema ellis, live from the school tech boston academy there. rehema, what are we expecting to hear
? >>> and mou to the breaking news from germany where a gunman opened fire on a bus carrying u.s. service members at the frankfurt airport. miller officials confirm two airmen were killed and two others wounded. authorities have a suspect in custody reported to be a 21-year-old man from kosovo. president obama just less than 30 minutes ago had this to say. >> saddened and i'm outraged by this attack that took the lives of two americans. and wounded two others. i think the american people are united in expressing our gratitude for the service of those who were lost. michelle and i have their family and their friends in our thoughts and prayers and we are praying for a speedy recovery for thoerps injured. i want everybody to understand that we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place. and in working with german authorities to insure that all of the perpetrators are brought to justice. >> nbc news producer andy ekker joins us from germany. so the obvious question is how this happened and why this happened. what do we know about the investigation? >> well, the u.s.
me, thanks to our chairman king and the committee, today i come to the chambers of the u.s. congress to speak for those mothers that were intimidated, lied to, and loved ones stolen. i think this will empower muslim americans in my corner, muslim americanists to come out easily and remove the fake leaderships that pressure them to silence and be quiet. today's victory for all of those seeking justice and the liberty, the right to speak up. thank you. >> any questions? >> do you have any plans inaudible. >> the fact is care was a major contributor. the fbi director ordered the members of the fbi not to deal with c.a.r.e., i hope by hearings such as this local law enforcement will realize the danger care represents and rather than taking c.a.r.e. handouts and reporting them, they would realize that this is a group that was named as unindicted co-conspirator and at least give them some of the analysis and critique that they give to people like me when i schedule a hearing. also hopefully as dr. jasser and mr. bihi said it will empower people in the muslim american community to realize t
to lead on this effort. we don't want again to appear that the u.s. is leading the way or getting involved in the affairs of another country, so to speak. what is your reaction to this debate over the no-fly zone? >> i think, you know in, late february the secretary of state and then about a week or so ago the president said gadhafi's got to go. you can't make that statement and then say but we don't want to lead. we're on record now. the united states has a position, gadhafi must go. so i don't think -- i think it's too late for the president to back off. we have to show leadership. we're the united states. the gulf cooperation council, that's the gulf arab countries have called for a no-fly zone. i don't know what we're waiting for for enough people to be killed so we can call it an humanitarian emergency? >> even robert gates who has obviously been someone supported by both parties in the prior administration as well seems hesitant on this, even dismissing the talk as being careless how we flippantly throw around the idea of a no-fly zone. >> this is amazing really. the president said g
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